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Create healthy chewing habits for life

Our yummy scrummy puppy chews are:

Extra tasty with double the flavour

Soothes teething gums

Encourages exploration & learning

The perfect chew for mischievous pups!

Graduate to a tougher chew for puppies with adult teeth:

Puppy Extreme Chew

Perfect for puppies with their adult teeth

Zero-calorie, lick-proof, forever lasting flavour

Cleans teeth & freshens breath

Our puppy chews are the perfect first chew but as your pup grows, his chews should do too:

Change to Extreme Chews when your pup cuts his first adult tooth

Go up a size as your dog grows and gains weight

Replace with a new chew when the ends are worn down

Safer than rawhide

Nylabone Chews are not chemically treated, bleached, glued or able to splinter.

They’re also zero-calorie and non-stinky!

Dogs will chew what they chew. The more they practice chewing those things, the more they will chew them.

Help your dog make a good chewing choice.

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