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Why do dogs need to chew?

Through each stage of their life, dogs need to chew and there are developmental and environmental triggers:

Curiosity – Teething – Playtime 

Exploration – Sore Gums – Learning

are why a puppy needs to chew.

Not having enough to keep their minds busy can result in them finding their own ways to have fun and relax.

The feel good factor is found in chewing.

Me time doesn’t suit everyone and for some dogs, being away from their owners can cause stress levels to rise.  

Chewing is the perfect way to self soothe.

Anxiety caused by changes in their routine, different surroundings or something that has happened earlier that day can all cause our dogs emotions to overflow. 

Endorphines released by chewing helps make them feel better again.

Dogs will chew what they chew. The more they practice chewing those things, the more they will chew them.

“Nylabone gets my vote for physical and mental wellbeing of all dogs, including yours!” – Steve Mann, IMDT founder.

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