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Nylabones for extra fun

All Nylabone chew toys enrich your dog’s life – but some have extra interest and can provide simple, fun activities to spark their mind and enrich their life.

Nyla Cones

Nyla Cones are perfect for feeding your dog in a more exciting way, encouraging him to forage and seek out his food,giving his brain a good work out.

Our Cones can be stuffed with lots of different dog-safe ingredients, see some ideas here.

Cheese Bones

Our Cheese Bones not only have the delicious cheese flavour many dogs love, they also have flavour pockets for extra spreads to be added.

Animal Alternatives

Our Animal Alternative chews bring out your dog’s wild side with exciting flavours such as bison and venison. They also have flavour pockets to fill to encourage your dog to forage.

Fill-It Toy

Tastey peanut butter flavour – this toy is full of scumminess! Flavour pockets galore make this toy a real treat for your dog, giving his tastebuds and brain cells an explosion of excitment.

Remember – enrichment feeding is not about feeding more food, it’s about feeding in more interesting ways.

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