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Who wants dog breath?

The ideal solution is to brush your dog’s teeth everyday… if she’ll let you!

Prefer something a bit easier?


Nutri Dent… Daily.

Cleans like a brush. Tastes like a treat.

Removes plaque and freshens breath.



Chews like a toy. Cleans like a brush.

Removes tartar and prevents build up.


Nutri Dent Dental Snacks help remove plaque and freshen breath – but feeding a daily dental treat of any kind is not enough to replace daily brushing. 

If you don’t want to brush, you need to combine dental treats with a long term cleaning solution like Nylabone chew toys.  Our chews help remove hard tartar from your dogs teeth while they are being enjoyed by your dog.  So the more they chew, the more they clean and the fresher their breath is.

This prolonged chewing action also gives their gums a really good massage, which not only keeps them healthy but makes your dog feel relaxed and gives them the feel good factor.

For happy dogs and healthy smiles.

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