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I’ve always lived with many dogs of several shapes and sizes, hence not only the much-needed demand for appropriate dog chews, but also for a variety of shapes and sizes. That’s where Nylabone fits the bill perfectly.

The opportunity for appropriate chewing is so important for dogs of all ages; from the puppy seeking relief and comfort from the discomfort of teething, through to mature dogs enjoying a good old chew to maintain heathy jaws and teeth.

Not only is chewing essential for important physical development and maintenance, but it’s also a great way for dogs to relax and chill out in the home.

Healthy chewing, and therefore healthy chews are an important part of your dog’s routine. I tell my training clients that it’s not a case of ‘to chew or not to chew?’, but rather, ‘what to chew?’.

Let’s be honest, it’s ALL chew toys to dogs until we teach them otherwise and I’ve found that by far the best way to avoid illegal chewing, is to promote legal chewing.

Nylabone provides my favourite legal chews as not only do my dogs love them, but they last for ages, they don’t stink out the house and they don’t contain any shady & suspicious ingredients that many other dog chews in the market are often made up of.

I’m watching three of my dogs right now enjoying their Nylabones.

Nancy, my Chihuahua is gnawing her Puppy Teething & Soothing Flexible Chew Toy. I’ll be honest, she’s not a pup by any stretch of the imagination by she’s always loved this chew since she was younger, she’s had it for ages and not only does she enjoy it for old times’ sake, I’m sure she prefers the nubs on the toy that act as a great natural way for her to keep her teeth clean. (Pink is also SO her colour!)

My hardcore chewer, Pablo the Staffie is currently working on his black Strong Max Chew Cone Stuffable Dog Chew Toy over on his favourite blanket. I used the Max Chew Cone this morning as an extra enrichment opportunity for him by stuffing the toy with his breakfast. Honestly, his breakfast is LONG gone but Pablo’s not so convinced! Who am I to interrupt his joy!

The Strong Max Chew Cone is perfect for Pablo as it offers the perfect level of resistance for tough chewers such as Staffies. It’s one of my favourite features of the Nylabone product line, not only do they offer a valuable variety of shapes and sizes, but also careful consideration has gone into the softness or toughness of each material used without compromising durability, so little’uns like Nancy and big’uns like Pablo can equally make the most of their chewing opportunities.

Finally, I look over to Ash my elderly German Shepherd as she delicately balances her Ergonomic Hold & Chew Wishbone Durable Dog Chew between her front feet. Being of later-years and maybe lacking a little of her younger dexterity, the considerate Wishbone design enables her to hold and enjoy her Nylabone as much as the rest of her canine family.

There you have it, Nylabone gets my vote for physical and mental wellbeing of all dogs, including yours!

Steve Mann, IMDT founder.

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